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Lisa Jayne is a professional actor for Screen, Print, Stage, and Voice.

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Voice Actor

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Lisa Jayne's Skype Patch brings you directly into the voice-over recording studio with nothing more than a Skype call.

You only need the free Skype VOIP software, a healthy broadband internet connection, and a quick check that your router has the optimal Skype configuration settings (an Audio Engineer will provide the information). Multiple attendees from different locations are supported. Skype video will be turned off during recording.

You will attend the live recording session and can even give creative direction between takes.

Lisa Jayne's Skype Patch is much higher quality than the Phone Patch. At 100Hz to 6KHz frequency range, Skype's HD-VOIP provides audio quality comparable to ISDN, the older system still used to allow voice-over talent to virtually visit other studios for live recording sessions.

Shortly after the recording session, you will download Lisa Jayne's recorded voice-over audio from a secure Web page. Your voice will not appear in the final recording.

Contact Lisa Jayne for additional information about the Skype Patch.

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Attend a live voice-over recording session with Lisa Jayne via Skype

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